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Our advanced pipe pusher technology enables the insertion of plastic polyurethane pipe, from 55mm in diameter up to 800mm, into old mains pipelines – quickly and efficiently.
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The Innovex range: designed to operate in the toughest conditions
180Mm Pipe Pusher
180mm Pipe Pusher

The Innovex 180mm Pipe Pusher excavator attachment offers a safer & more compliant way of inserting new PE Pipe, our products are approved by SGN & Cadent Networks to work on both live/dead insertion. Lightweight and compact design for ease of storage & transportation.

400Mm Pipe Pusher
400mm Pipe Pusher

The Innovex 400mm Pipe Pusher is compatible for the use with the large majority of excavators from 5T up to 20T & can also be used for slip lining/manoeuvring & re-rounding pipe diameters up to 400mm. Connects to the arm of most common dual fed hydraulic excavators.

630Mm Pipe Pusher
630mm Pipe Pusher

The Innovex 630mm Pipe Pusher is compatible for the use with all large excavators from 9T to 24T by simply attaching the Pipe Pusher to the excavator arm you take away the manual handling and injury risks associated with pipe insertion. Durable & robust in harsh environments.

800Mm Pipe Pusher
800mm Pipe Pusher

The Innovex 800mm Pipe Pusher is fully operated from the safety of the excavator cab and is compatible for use with the large majority of 8T to 35T excavators. The Pipe Pusher excavator attachment offers a safer and more compliant way of inserting new PE Pipe.

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For Innovex, it’s about more than the hardware. We’re passionate about what we do, so we take the time to understand the job at hand – your challenges and objectives – and provide the right service package for you.

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