Expanding Dealer Network

Expanding Dealer Network

We are pleased to announce that Covalent Technologies has appointed Innovex as its latest distributor covering Australia and New Zealand. Covalent Technologies is a technical service based company that provides testing, inspection and consultancy services to the HDPE pipe sector across Australia. Its services support potable water, gas, mining and civil sectors. Currently, we are assisting with pipeline installations and network operations in USA and Malta including works for the lining of water pipes laid before WWII. Commenting on Covalent Technologies appointment,

Rosalind MacGregor, sales director, said:
“With our operations expanding across Europe and North America the next logical step was to look at our position in the Southern Hemisphere. In terms of our new relationship with Covalent, this was an obvious choice as a partner for our operations in Australia. We look forward to working closely with the Covalent team to develop this exciting market.”

For Covalent Technologies,

Paul Roberts, director said:

“The Innovex Pipe Pushers will bring an alternative installation technique to current Australian practices, it will not only reduce the costs across a project but more importantly it is safe. “The design and build quality is testament to the Innovex team and Covalent Technologies is proud to be associated with this product as it is perfectly aligned with our values of delivery in full on time of quality solutions.”

The Innovex Pipe Pusher range offers units with the capacity to handle pipes from 180 mm to 630 mm diameter and the capability to accommodate all requirements. The Innovex Pipe Pusher™ Excavator Attachment 630 can be attached to the end of an excavator arm which can be aligned to guide plastic pipe into place during installation or slip lining works simply and effectively from the safety of the excavator cab. The Innovex Pipe Pusher Mini™ is also an Excavator Attachment for use with 180 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm diameter pipes.

Other advantages offered by the Innovex Pipe Pusher range include:

  • Full compliance and can support both live and dead insertion operations
  • Easy to install – it is a quick and safe process
  • Easy to operate with reduced need for manual handling
  • Installation of longer sections of pipe
  • Tough and resilient design with units built to successfully deliver customer requirements in the most challenging environments
  • Bespoke design of Pipe Pushers to customer requirements
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